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Minnesota.  Winter.  Forever and ever.

I was supposed to take delivery of my bees on April 9th.  But low and behold, that is not going to happen.  The cool thing is, it is not due to weather in Minnesota.  Nope.  It is due to the cool weather in California.

Queen bees can’t take their nupial flight when the temperatures are cool.  California has been cool.  Therefore, no sex for the queen or her suitors.  The email I recieved said that “The weather has provided poor queen rearing conditions.” ( no pun intended … I think)  Seriously, it is all timed out.  They raise the queens just in time for the nuptial flight which precedes the packaging of 3 lbs of bees which are then sent around the country.  Unfortunately, due to the weather in California, everything is pushed back a few weeks.  The bee’s will arrive Easter weekend.

So for Easter, I get to install four 3 pound packages of bees in their new homes.  Ah, who wanted a vacation anyway.  It is more fun to run over to Stillwater, up to St. Cloud and then down to Corcoran all in an afternoon.

Google Maps says 4 hours of driving, 185 miles.  So if I leave at noon after work, I’ll …..