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I just got back from my run.  It was a beautiful day.  Absolutely gorgeous for MN in August.  On the outside it was marvelous.  On the inside I was a storm of emotions and discomfort.  My brain was a mess.  Worried about this. Concerned about that.  Is the economic aftershock about to happen?  AND MY LEGS!  How stupid can I be to run up and down a snowboarding hill?  I am not having fun. My lungs feel like they were going to burst.  After 6 months I am still stuck between severely obese and obese. AHHHH!

Ah, my trees.  Each run I stop to say ‘Namaste’ to the grove of trees.  You all thought I was just being cute when I said I was a tree hugger.  I am not.  I am a serious hugger of trees. For me it is the image of God within me recognizing the special revelation of God within them.   Each run, just as I think I am about to die, I run into this grove of trees.  The shade and instant temperature drop is so refreshing it makes me pause …. literally.  I am so grateful for their presence that I stop, turn to them and greet them.  It has taken years of growth just for those few moments of respite.

But today, it hit me.  Slow down. Enjoy the day.  Let go of the agenda.  Walk dumb ass, don’t run!  Why in hell am I pushing it so hard on such a gift of a day?  S L O W D O W N.   S  L  O  W  D  O  W  N.        S     L     O     W     D     O     W     N.

That’s better.  I still got out there for 2.6 miles and burned 400+ calories.  I feel good physically, but my soul is also refreshed.

What good is a physically fit body if the soul is in turmoil?