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Since January 1st I have missed placed a few things.  To be precise, I have lost 18 things.  Since I am committed, I plan to loose another 32 before this process is over, maybe more.   That’s right, in one month I have lost 18 pounds.  Weird as it may seem, I have spent less than two hours working out and have had fun do it.

I have no secrets and no crazy diets to recommend.   However, I do have a website and phone app to refer you to.

Myfitnesspal.com is the tool to make things happen.  After talking with people who have lost a lot of weight with Slimgenics, I decided to try to watch what I eat by counting calories, get a support group and save at least a grand in fees.   But I have to say, counting calories is not what is taking place with using Myfitnesspal.com.  Something more profound is taking place.

In his big book of body hacks, Timothy Ferris of the Four Hour Body brings home the point that counting calories is worthless.  However, the awareness that comes from counting calories is in the words of VISA, “priceless”.  Ferris illustrates this using the example of a Phil Libin who lost weight by creating a weight loss chart in Excel.  He has a Max and Min weight for a given week/month.  Just by trying to stay within the lines of his chart, Phil’s habits changed to meet the goal.  Don’t believe it, buy the book and read about it on page  67/68.  It is the power of awareness that makes the change.

Count calories, measure portions, use points or try to stay between the lines on an Excel chart like Phil.  Whatever you choose, awareness is what will transform your body.

In fact, I like Myfitnesspal because it TRACTS  weight, body measurements and exercise over time.  It is this awareness at several levels that make the change happen.  Add the support group aspect of friends online and in your sphere of influence and things take shape … literally.

If you want to change, be serious and make a change.  Find something that you can track and get someone to hold you accountable.  Look me up on line at Myfitnesspal.com.  My user name is rabergfalk.  Give me a call, shoot me a text or drop me an email if you like.   Just get started.

In one month, your life could be some much better.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel and the energy I have.  I can tell you how easy it is with the right system to make you aware.