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I learned something this past week.  My heart might not be ‘two sizes too small’ after all!

Seriously, I had a very odd reaction to spending time with my mother and father at the hospital.  I spent two days this past week, all day, 10 hour plus days, just sitting with my parents while my mother had and recovered from surgery.  I was totally exhausted by the end of each day.  Oddly, I was also very rejuvenated by both days.  I felt totally drained … drained of stress.

I can’t remember when I have had such a good week.  All the ‘stuff’ that I tend to get all jazzed about hasn’t affected me the same way this week.  It is weird.  I am at peace.  At peace.  Peace.

Dr. Emma Seppella, Associate Director at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education Center at Stanford University, wrote a great blog about my experience, The Best Kept Secret to Happiness.  In this post she explains the many benefits of compassion.

Research has shown that having compassion:

  •  Makes you happy.
  •  Makes you wise.
  •  Makes you more attractive to other people.
  •  Increases our sense of wealth and time.
  •  Can lift us out of a funk.
  •  Boost’s your health.
  •  Uplifts others
  •  Is good for the environment

I never expected to feel rejuvenated by spending time in a hospital, just sitting and waiting for my mothers health to improve.  I went to support and be with my loved ones.  Those two days I spent not focusing on me and all the stuff I think is SO IMPORTANT,  was good for my health and well being as well.

By clearing my schedule, leaving ‘my life’ behind for a day, being compassionate,  it seems I had reduced my stress by walking through the back door of wellness.