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People often ask, ” what do you do?” or “how does it work?”.  Unfortunately there are no easy answers to those questions.  That said, I do have some easily understood reply’s that seem to satisfy most clients.

I facilitate.  I help the client realize that there are structural problems within their bodies that need to be addressed.  Through the power of touch, specifically applied in a strategic manner, I help my clients mind / body complex get in touch with what is going on and what needs to be done.

Then the magic happens.   You can call it magic, but in reality it is just normal “health” and “wellness”.  When our bodies are made aware of a situation, it naturally sets about correcting itself and moving us towards optimum health.  Be it a cut, a cold or a cramp.  Our bodies fight for health.  Our bodies want to be well.

The Power of Communication

Massage and Myofascial Release are powerful tools in maintaining health.  With each touch in every session our mind receives valuable feedback and information needed for our health, wellness and quality movement.   Movement is health.  Your lymphatic system, the system that is crucial in fighting illness and maintaining our well being, depends on movement.  That movement is only possible with healthy muscles that act when called upon. It is that simple.

My happiest clients,  clients that feel well, are people who regularly get treated.   Just like exercise, the repetition is key.   The repetition creates a type of feedback loop for our minds health consciousness.  The more feedback, the better the response.

Touch … awareness … change and compensation …  touch … awareness … change and compensation … touch …

It is that simple … kind of …