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In the fall of 2009, I attended a seminar on Bio-Kinetics.  It was taught by the founder of the technique, Dr. Lawerence Newsum.  Dr. Newsumwas an 80-year-old DC that has been in practice over 50 years.  Over 20 years ago, Dr. Newsum discovered that the communication between the brain and body improves and become heightened if the soft tissue just below the occiput bone is stimulated.  Over the years he refined the technique and developed an FDA approved manual stimulator.  It was interesting and great fun listening to Dr. Newsum and his stories.  The technique is amazingly simple to perform.  The theory is that the thalamus is stimulated and that communication to the brain cortex is improved.   What Dr. Newsum discovered is that if the body or a problem area of the body is stressed and the technique performed, the mind seems to focus on that area and natural healing begins or is improved.   Over the years he also stumbled upon other uses of the technique.  He has helped people with allergies, emotional issues, anything that affects the body or psyche can be addressed via this stimulation.

After learning the technique, I practiced it on a person that suffers from diabetes and has to wear braces on her feet to assist her in walking.   The next day she reported that she was walking better than she had in years.  In fact, a good friend had asked what she had been doing because her gait improvement was very noticeable that day.   Today I used the technique on a patient while I had my thumb affecting a trigger point in a muscle.  Immediately the muscle responded and the trigger point dissipated very quickly.

Like Dr. Newsum, I look forward to using and perfecting the use of Bio-Kinetics in my Myofascial work.    It is non-invasive and does no harm.  There are no side effects.  In fact, it actually feels good after it is done.   I am already thinking of using it when I am doing my yoga practice and want to go deeper into an asana.  It is so simple I can even perform it on myself.