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Actually it was probably more like 30,000 Bees and they were behind the back seat of the truck.

I finally got the bees up to the lake without an auto accident.   I was sort of stressing because I wanted to get the bees up to the lake and settled before the basswood/linden bloom.  Unfortunately, with all this rain, I don’t know if all my efforts were a wash or not.  Bees don’t like flying in the rain, apparently the little umbrellas slow them down.  😉

I suppose your wondering how you move 30,000 bees.  First, you have to wait till they go to bed at night.  When the sun goes down, all the bees go into the hive for the night.   Then you have to seal up all the entrances to keep the little ladies in the hive.  Once that is done, the whole hive needs to be secured.  Some beek’s ( beekeeper)  do this with very large staples, I did it with a ATV strap.  All that is left is lifting it up into the truck.  Seriously, a hive with two deeps (boxes) can weigh over a 100 lbs one box alone can approach 80 lbs.  My hive is already has three deeps, so I need some assistance from my wife.  We lifted the hive up, shut the door and drove up to the cabin.  That was it.  Once there I slid it down a plank and used a two wheeler to move it into its new location.   I then added the honey supers (boxes for honey) to capture the basswood bloom.

If you have never seen beekeeping in action, check out this video of the White House Bees.