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The Mississippi River is high.  Just the other day I watched as two Jet Ski’s played in the water.  My wife came home the other day and was telling me about a duck crossing the road with her ducklings and how cute it was.  As I write this, my stomach is full from the squash I just picked from the garden.  An organic squash.  I know, because my wife and I have worked hard to keep any chemicals and toxic crap out of the soil.  I am glad to say it is working.  Our efforts are paying off.

I just finished a new TED posting on the Gulf oil spill.  Lets be honest, this isn’t a spill.  This is a total sewage backup in the backyard swimming pool.  And unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of options here in MN on the cleanup.   That does not mean we don’t have options.  We do.

Each of us has to take a hard look at how we live and make some changes.  Each of us has to take a hard look at Washington and make some changes.  Each of us has to take a hard look at our workplace and make some changes.  This has all happened before, but with different ingredients.  This time it is oil and the ocean.  One time it was nuclear power in a far off land.  Before that, it was agent orange in a jungle and before that it was nuclear testing in a far off desert.

We are not learning.  It has been said that if you don’t learn from history, you are destined to repeat it.

If you want a perspective on the Gulf spill, watch the video.  It is informative.  I hope he is right and that this event will change America for the better.